We shall overcome -- and heres how

We shall overcome -- and heres how

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Monday, 11 July 2011 01:04
For Caesar Rodney junior Jared Morris, the path to a state title at first singles and Delaware high... International law enforcement agencies are investigating what may be the largest documented botnet,... One arts advocate considers the Ha

For Caesar Rodney junior Jared Morris, the path to a state title at first singles and Delaware high...

International law enforcement agencies are investigating what may be the largest documented botnet,...

One arts advocate considers the Haitian Mural possibly the most historic piece of African American...

Wize Shabazz, aka Jason Boyer, holds a sign illustrating the need for men to find meaning in their lives.

In the barber shop, black men share thoughts with an honesty they rarely display in church, and Dr. Donald Morton believes theres a freedom in admitting that everyone ils to live up to their ideals.

The church can be the perfect place for imperfect people if we encourage people to share who they are, says Morton, pastor of Perfected Life Church in New Castle.

Last Saturday Morton brought some tell-it-like-it-is openness to the church with a panel of black men talking about what it means to confront stereotypes of not being responsible wage earners, partafrican women seeking menners to women and thers to children.

Morton called the event Ties & Tims because whether black men wear an Armani suit or Timberland boots, negative images dog them, though individuals are more complex than any stereotype.

In his view, people need to hear mens stories to understand the degree of purpose that many apply to overcoming obstacles.

The church is 85 percent women and maybe thats because so little attention is given to men, Morton says.

The six men on the panel grappled of a number of issues, including when they knew they had become a man.

Jamahal C. Boyd Sr. of Philadelphia said there were several important moments for him.

One occurred on Aug. 17, 1993, when he was driving his mother to the bus station so she could go to Lexington, Ky., and start a prison sentence for drug trafficking.

The next week he moved to Delaware State University as a freshman and missed the presence of his mother to wish him well. He understood that his mother, the daughter of a preacher, wanted something grander for her son.

Pointing myself towards that better life was a defining moment, Boyd says.

Another was Jan. 19, 2001, when he had a son and felt a new sense of responsibility. But no man is ever at the point of feeling fully formed in what he needs to do, says Boyd, a 35-year-old business consultant.

We are always arriving, always rising up to meet a new challenge, he says.

Jason M. Boyer of Newark is a motivational speaker and martial artist who agrees that growth is ongoing -- and Boyer fears dying without having left his mark.

I think every man has a drive to do something hell be remembered for, but how do we achieve that goal? says Boyer, who is also known as Wize Shabazz.

He grew up on Wilmingtons East Side in a home with minimal indoor plumbing and heat. And while he drifted into dealing drugs at 16, he says there was something in him that said, youre better than that.

Reading the Bible, the Quran and self-help literature, such as Les Browns Live Your Dreams, motivated Boyer to look for a higher path. Thoughts about moving toward crime changed in 1997 when two friends were murdered.

It pushed him towards a higher path and he recently wrote on Facebook that he is seeking enlightenment in the way that a man with his hair on fire would seek water.

For him, how your mily feels about you is more important than how much money you have.

Why is it you have the happiest people in the poorest countries? Is it because they know something about mily that we dont?

Franco Nitty Thomas of Pike Creek says the panel pointed out to women that they have responsibility in seeking men of character. A man is more than looks and ual appeal and whether hell buy you a drink, Thomas says.

For one thing, its important to be interested in the larger world, and he tries to live out that philosophy. In addition to working as a student loan collector, the 31-year-old Thomas has a DJ entertainment business, a Sunday radio show on the University of Delaware radio station 91.3 FM and a book club to discuss non-fiction books.

And, he says, a man should take a real interest in meeting the needs of the woman hes with.

A woman wants a man who is willing to listen and pay attention.

Anything less is a recipe for misunderstanding and the repetition of a stereotype that men dont get women, he says.

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