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Educational Baby Toys Educational Baby Toys are source for better education for children below 3 years. We can find very high quality Educational Baby Toys which trigger off our children. When you walk in the street you can find lots of toys in the street, which are operated with the use of batteries. But those [...]

After Child Birth Information and Guideline Being a tough and painful process, the process of childbirth is called labor.Unlike ordinary cramps, labor pain is characterized by regular contraction of the womb. Starting from an interval of every 20 minutes, the frequency of the labor pains increases to 3 to 4 minutes. Each labor pain consists [...]

Child Diseases Information and Guideline Fever:If the child feels drowsy, irritated or appears flushed around the face and ears, take the body temperature. If he has temperature remove clothing and light bed clothes. Check the room temperature-it should be neither too hot or cold – ideally around 25C (77 F). Give him plenty of drinks [...]

Ill Child Information and Guideline There are some general guidelines that any good mother needs to follow in case of illness. For specific cases of disorders, there are of course specific remedies. But some basic precautions and care are necessary to keep the child comfortable during illness. These are: Ill children want company. That makes [...]

Baby Eye Problem BlindnessSymptoms: Very rarely, children are found unable to fix their gaze on objects. If this situation persists beyond six weeks, it could be due to toxoplasmosis or severe infection which can cause blindness. Even an untreated squint in lack of eye exercises may lead to blindness. Treatment: For any visual problems consulting [...]

Baby Sports Information and Guideline The baby does not show any tendency to play for the first three months or so, nor does it need the exercise involved in playing during this period. It gets all the exercise needs in the act of feeding. After three months, it begins to indulge in random movements of [...]

Baby Exercise Information and Guideline The new born baby is exercising many of its muscles in the very act of feeding at the breast. Crying in itself is a very important exercise for the lungs and the diaphragm and plays a very important part in the development of the baby’s musculature. You have just to [...]

Baby Jogging Strollers Baby jogging strollers are the best to console the children with a soothing walk and touch. These strollers can be a good favorite for both mother and the child. The best use of these jogging strollers is that they can carry as much as three children as once. These are far better [...]

Baby Sleeping in Night When the baby is born, it is generally asleep or half-asleep most of the time. Its eyes remain closed. Gradually it wakes up, and from the fourth or the fifth day onwards the proportion of its waking period’s increases, but not to any large extent. For a month or a month [...]

Baby Sleeping Pillow As a parent or careering, you have a key job in choosing where your baby will sleep at night and naptime. Your baby’s sleep safety is essential to help keep the baby healthy and alive. A number of things affect your baby while sleeping. So baby pillows become more important now days. [...]

How to stop the baby from Crying

How to stop the baby from Crying How to stop the baby from CryingWhile there are several ways in which parents can cope with crying babies, there is no prescribed formula. None of these methods will work every time; some may even not work at all. But, they are all worth trying. First, try to [...]

Baby Sleep Book There are many books available that will teach you how to sleep you baby. There you can easily figure out which book is most helpful for your baby’s sleep problem. There entire books store section devoted to the topic of babies and sleep. I spent a good part of last year writing [...]

Baby Umbrella Strollers Baby Umbrella Strollers Most parents go out to get a huge, large stroller with everything in it which a child requires. They are expensive to buy and are not the best thing to take around with you always. These huge strollers will not open so quickly when your baby is really stubborn [...]

Baby Travel Strollers Baby Travel StrollersBuying Guide for Baby StrollersShopping a proper stroller is difficult task that parents always face. Here are some tips that will help you to choose best suits baby stroller for your baby needs. Always you should keep in mind some tips when you do the shopping of stroller for your [...]

Guide for Your Baby Strollers Guide for Your Baby Strollers Every parent tries to purchase a best stroller for their baby which makes parent daily activities with their baby much easier and less tiring. In the market many types of baby carriages are available like lightweight strollers, heavy strollers with many features. Purchasing right baby [...]

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